maanantai 6. tammikuuta 2014

Dead Nouveau by Nini Van Deering

The autumn/winter 2013/14 collection Dead Nouveau got inspired from the decay of human anatomy post mortem. As a designer I wanted to create something new and yet very classic with a gothic twist. Shapes of this collection were found from combining these elements to present the varieties of possible post mortem fashion of human body.

Moodboard two from the beginning
Process of this collection was very strickt as the time schedule was very tight to get everything ready before the fashion show in Helsinki. Regardless everything went according to the plan and the show was success. Thanks to my gorgeus models and all the audience.

Personally the most exiting part is usually the photoshoot. This was no exception as we chose to pay respects to the goth cliche's and do the shoot a the old cemetary in the middle of Helsinki. Shooting light apparel in the beginning of  december in Finland when it's zero degrees and windy tells a lot about the extreme conditions models had to go through that day.
Photos were taken by very talented friend of mine Svante Oldenburg photography. Check out more his amazing work from here

Clothes & Jewelery: Nini Van Deering
Make up: Edith Behm
Photograper: Svante Oldenburg Photography
Models: Jenni and Janica

sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2013

Winter equals death

I'm currently working on a new winter collection. Inspirational photos are usually really chaotic during the process of creation and in my case the real face of the theme might be recovered after peeling off layer and layer of ideas. Ideas are born from chaos and luckily I'm made from layers of chaos.

Dead Nouveau by Nini Van Deering will see the day light on stage 8th of December at Ofeliamarket Helsinki.

maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013

Nighmare Avant-Garde

On my second semester studying Fashion design in Berlin I finally let a little bit of myself go. After two whole years studying Clothing technology and thinking commercially I found it really refreshing to get to do whatever I want. Ok really not we did have assignment that narrowed down what to do and group evaluating your design process all the time but still. 

Our task was to keep creative diary about our everyday inspiration. The next step would be that you find the theme for the collection out of these inspiring events in your life. I happened to have a lot of nightmares mainly due stress and several incidents in my life at the beginning of the spring semester. The theme for my collection is based on one of my nightmares that I've had since years. You know the ones where you fall? Well this is not one of them. This one has been prowling for me since I can remember. It is smooth and then it sinks it sharp teeth into your neck. The anguish is surreal and I can't really tell how the beast in my nightmare looks like. So this is one possibility for it's physical form.

Same dress without the removable collar...

Photos: Ursula Dunst
Make Up: Nini Van Deering
Model: Evilyn Frantic

tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013


Winter semester is going to be over in few weeks. I haven't updated in a long time mainly because I have no time or energy left after all the schoolwork and partying. Or I'm just too head deep into everything else exiting that my life brings up.

These following pictures are from Autumn/Winter collection 2013 that I put together with my team partner Minna. These outfits were created for two different courses: Knitwear Design and Collection Concept. 

The theme for the collection is hypermodernism. I used all sorts of experimental materials in the design process but to me there is always the aspect of function when it comes to clothes. After knitting a shirt out of sewing thread and sewing a skirt out of anti-slip mat I can say I did my experimenting with the materials for one collection. After all it is not everyday thing to get to design a collection that does not have to fit for commercial purposes. 
I hope that I'll get to do more experimenting with new and unexpected materials and techniques.

Photos: Nini Van Deering
Make up: Joy 
Model: Dax Constantine

After few setbacks (such as using the plan B made up in one day) to do the photoshoot I'm more than pleased how these photos turned out to be. Specially when I have no further experience working with a professional camera...
I hope that I'll get to do more experimenting with new and unexpected materials and techniques.

Well see what the spring in Berlin has to offer.

sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Deadline is the Ultimate Motivator

Always a good thing to start designing your outfit from jewellery... well new point of view. Haven't done anything for myself in a while so new corset pattern is in progress. Found the perfect materials for my future Boheme Noir- outfit. Now all I need is avec to go with me....

Jewelry inpiration. Thanks to Sopor Aeternus I shall make epic nose chains.
My corset inspiration this time is 50's Lingerie.
Less than two weeks to go. While doing all my school work I must squeeze doing my own stuff somewhere. All nighters here I come!

sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

New location Berlin

I've studied Clothing technology back in Finland for couple of years now and felt like I needed a change in my life. Berlin was definately an option. I applied for university here and they accepted me for their Fashion design programm.
After living here for over a month I can say this was excellent choice. Uni is great thou everything's in german I'm eager to learn this some point..krhm.

Next to my herb garden.
 One of the biggest plus sides of going through all this change is that I finally got a flat all for myself. This is my first time living completely alone with no roommates or such. And I love it!
My flat is in a dorm and its not that big but who cares as long as I don't have to share my bathroom and kitchen with anybody else. And the rent is ridiculously cheap too.

Besides great university, opportunity to learn a new language I also had alternative motive to choose Berlin. Scene. All the gigs and parties going on here... Soothes my mind oh yes. At least I have stuff to do on weekends.

And talking about weekends soon there'll be one of the longest weekends that I've been looking forward to: Halloween weekend and Drop Dead Festival.
Excellent band line-up for this year and as I missed the whole festival last year I made sure I'd be well prepared this time. There's no way I'm gonna miss it because it's happening here in Berlin! And on the same side of Berlin as where I live in! Very nice. Less than two weeks to go.
And I'm gonna have some friends over for the festival. Were squeeze in to my tiny flat somehow...
Make up for Club Blüthenrausch.

sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012

CLEAR! Blog revival attempt nro.1 Go jibberish.

As you might have realised I'm not that much of a writer. Is it because I have a life or that I'm so lazy? Give that a thought.

Anyway. Sum up. Nothing special. School, work, holiday then I'm off to Germany. Not more than a month and I shall fulfill one of my goals in life. Invade Berlin by moving in 8D

Went to WGT and Gothic Pogo Party and it was GREAT! If someone didn't know already. Anxiously waiting for Drop Dead Festival. It's going to be my first one :3

I'm not done with this hokum not quite yet...

Got my tongue pierced.