sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

New location Berlin

I've studied Clothing technology back in Finland for couple of years now and felt like I needed a change in my life. Berlin was definately an option. I applied for university here and they accepted me for their Fashion design programm.
After living here for over a month I can say this was excellent choice. Uni is great thou everything's in german I'm eager to learn this some point..krhm.

Next to my herb garden.
 One of the biggest plus sides of going through all this change is that I finally got a flat all for myself. This is my first time living completely alone with no roommates or such. And I love it!
My flat is in a dorm and its not that big but who cares as long as I don't have to share my bathroom and kitchen with anybody else. And the rent is ridiculously cheap too.

Besides great university, opportunity to learn a new language I also had alternative motive to choose Berlin. Scene. All the gigs and parties going on here... Soothes my mind oh yes. At least I have stuff to do on weekends.

And talking about weekends soon there'll be one of the longest weekends that I've been looking forward to: Halloween weekend and Drop Dead Festival.
Excellent band line-up for this year and as I missed the whole festival last year I made sure I'd be well prepared this time. There's no way I'm gonna miss it because it's happening here in Berlin! And on the same side of Berlin as where I live in! Very nice. Less than two weeks to go.
And I'm gonna have some friends over for the festival. Were squeeze in to my tiny flat somehow...
Make up for Club Blüthenrausch.

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