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Dead Nouveau by Nini Van Deering

The autumn/winter 2013/14 collection Dead Nouveau got inspired from the decay of human anatomy post mortem. As a designer I wanted to create something new and yet very classic with a gothic twist. Shapes of this collection were found from combining these elements to present the varieties of possible post mortem fashion of human body.

Moodboard two from the beginning
Process of this collection was very strickt as the time schedule was very tight to get everything ready before the fashion show in Helsinki. Regardless everything went according to the plan and the show was success. Thanks to my gorgeus models and all the audience.

Personally the most exiting part is usually the photoshoot. This was no exception as we chose to pay respects to the goth cliche's and do the shoot a the old cemetary in the middle of Helsinki. Shooting light apparel in the beginning of  december in Finland when it's zero degrees and windy tells a lot about the extreme conditions models had to go through that day.
Photos were taken by very talented friend of mine Svante Oldenburg photography. Check out more his amazing work from here

Clothes & Jewelery: Nini Van Deering
Make up: Edith Behm
Photograper: Svante Oldenburg Photography
Models: Jenni and Janica

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