maanantai 15. heinäkuuta 2013

Nighmare Avant-Garde

On my second semester studying Fashion design in Berlin I finally let a little bit of myself go. After two whole years studying Clothing technology and thinking commercially I found it really refreshing to get to do whatever I want. Ok really not we did have assignment that narrowed down what to do and group evaluating your design process all the time but still. 

Our task was to keep creative diary about our everyday inspiration. The next step would be that you find the theme for the collection out of these inspiring events in your life. I happened to have a lot of nightmares mainly due stress and several incidents in my life at the beginning of the spring semester. The theme for my collection is based on one of my nightmares that I've had since years. You know the ones where you fall? Well this is not one of them. This one has been prowling for me since I can remember. It is smooth and then it sinks it sharp teeth into your neck. The anguish is surreal and I can't really tell how the beast in my nightmare looks like. So this is one possibility for it's physical form.

Same dress without the removable collar...

Photos: Ursula Dunst
Make Up: Nini Van Deering
Model: Evilyn Frantic

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