maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2011

Just put more skulls on it and it'll do just fine

Halloween season of the Witch as they might call it is almost here once again.

As we tend to like skeletons and skulls so much this is one happy season for our feminine instict of home decorating. Unlike the usual white walls and beige sofa in a roomy home we go way beyond and do it as we please. Most of our furniture we picked up from dumpters and some we got for free/half free from friends and relatives. Beige is not an option.

Thick black velvet drapes, dark furniture and our favorite piece of decoration the Chrome Crocodile Rococo sofa that we upholstered previously make our little Batcave Palace complete. (Picture taken in previous cave)

 Have you ever wondered how many skeletons you can find in your closets when you look deep enough?

Well we just found a whole bunch of them and glued them on a boring old lampshade. There's 7 skeletons each one for one deadly sin and they all seem to be laughing.

I wonder why...

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