maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011

When Snow White was Black & White

Us at the age of 14. Oh my Goth!
We tried to survive with full set of hair on our head, but after some really annoying incidents and lot's of frustration we finally took the clippers and cut it away from the sides while ago. We've never been that attatched to the hair that grows on the sides of the human head so it had to go. After having mohawk cut since we were 14 years old we've no idea what is the purpose for the hair on the sides of our head.

 After few month of total baldness and intense hair growing we've managed to grow some new hair. While waiting for our hair to grow we went through several ideas of hair color and always ended up with white, again and again.  

We love to change our entire style all the time  depending on out mood and everyday inspirations. As long as we can remember our hair has been a big deal in our life and we have this saying in finnish: Tukka hyvin, kaikki hyvin. Tukka paskasti, kaikki paskasti. - When the hair looks good then everything is good. When the hair looks bad everything is bad. Everybody has a bad hairday every now and then but we try to keep those days at the minimum.
Intense hair growing and the 8cm of hair half a year after getting bald. Trying this bit lower mohawk cut for a change.

Psychobilly fringe without the ponytail on the back 'cause we have nothing to attatch it to. lol.
Finally dreads with a fringe that's fully ours.

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